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At FCDC we specialize in the prescription, review and management of psychiatric medication. Our talented prescribers include a Psychiatrist, Psycho-pharmacologist and Advanced Nurse Practitioners. We are committed to careful listening as you talk about what has been bothering you. We’ll work with you to decide which medication is right for you or if you need medication at all. We collaborate with other providers in a team approach to ensure you get the best help possible.


Individual therapy can take various forms - cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy, or a combination of these - but at the center of each is the caring relationship between a mental health professional and their patient. Our team consists of several Licensed  Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors ready to meet the unique needs of every individual. Our therapists meet with our prescribers for a cohesive treatment experience. Family therapy and couples counseling is available upon request. ​Before calling to schedule, we recommend taking a look at our team to see who would be the best fit for you.

Our providers who are trained in addiction are in a unique position to identify concurrent psychiatric and substance use problems in individuals seeking treatment for either or both conditions. Dr. Zaidi helps patients deal with the physical symptoms of withdrawal as well as reducing cravings with the use of medicinal treatments as well the follow up sessions to provide the tools and skills to stay on the path of recovery and minimize the risk of relapse.

Urine Toxicology Screenings are conducted in the office for your convenience.


Genetic Testing

Genomind is genetic testing that helps healthcare providers take a personalized approach to prescribing medicine for patients. Because genes influence the way a person’s body responds to specific medications, they may not work the same for everyone. Using DNA gathered with a simple cheek swab it analyzes a patient’s genes and provides individualized information to help healthcare providers select medications that better match their patient’s genes. 

Medicinal Marijuana Evaluations

Cannabinoid receptors are located in various places throughout the body and brain and both mental and physical symptoms can be altered with medical marijuana treatment. Studies have shown that medical marijuana can help treat PTSD symptoms in even treatment-resistant cases. Other symptoms correlated with psychiatric diagnoses also can be helped by the use of medical marijuana. Please call for more information or to schedule an evaluation with our medical marijuana prescriber, Dr. Zaidi. 


Holistic Approach

Our providers are proactive in their holistic approach to treating mental health. Neuroscience dietary supplements are available to help with sleep problems, attention difficulties, anxiety, depression and mood stabilization. Please talk to your provider if you are interested in more information. 

LGBTQ Support

All of our staff members are trained to be compassionate with individuals within the LGBTQ community. FCDC is a safe space for everyone to receive the unique mental health services they need. Whether you are interested in therapy or medication management, our team of providers is here for you.

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